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Jason Timbo

Jason Timbo

COO and Co-Founder

With over 12 years' experience developing applications for the enterprise, Jason's expertise ranges from the user experience to quality assurance.

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  • Making Colorado

    April 04, 2013


    Mapleton Hill Media is proud to be working with Made Movement on the new initiative. The brandCOLORADO team was created in Fall 2012 to lead the Making Colorado process. The team is led by Aaron Kennedy, who was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper in August 2012 as the Chief Marketing Officer of the State of Colorado. Aaron has a background in consumer marketing for brands such as Pepsi and Kraft. As the founder of Noodles &a…
  • At Mapleton Hill Media we do a lot of iterative development, which means we push code to production on a regular basis. This is an exciting time, seeing our hard work become a reality is very rewarding for both our clients and our team. However, as most of you know, the production push doesn’t always go smoothly. For one reason or another, problems occur with the application or website and in these moments a rollback plan is crucial. Implementing a r…
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