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Joshua Giblette

Joshua Giblette


When Josh isn't focusing on pixel perfection, you can find him spending time with his wife and 3 daughters, crushing 12 year olds on Halo or hitting the slopes.

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  • Custom Navigation Menus were added back in version 3.0 and have made it much easier for clients to manage their own menus with ease. With this feature they can easily create menus, add menu items , create drop downs and much more. This tool also offers drag-and-drop functionality which makes moving menu items around a breeze. Many of the default WordPress themes, including Twenty Eleven, offer this feature by default but they also require the user to ed…
  • Designing something for the web is very different from designing on any other medium. It leaves a door open for changes and/or updates at any time, and most clients use this to their benefit. It gives a reassurance that nothing is permanent and that if a design/user flow isn’t working it can be modified at a later point. One of the downsides is that changes can take place 3 hours to 6 months after launch. From personal experience, the further the changes a…