Tech Throwdown: SQL vs NoSQL

February 22, 2012


Rather than bashing rival technologies, come learn and participate in the Tech Throwdown

We’re going to look at a variety of NoSQL options such as Cassandra, Hadoop, and Mongodb and how they compare to each other as well as relational databases.


Kevin Cawley
Cassandra and Hadoop

Chris Merz:
Chris has roots in the web industry going back to the early 90′s.  Before starting with MapMyFitness in late 2010 as their Data Storage and Systems Engineer, he was the Senior DBA for NTT/Verio, responsible for 24x7x365 global db platform operations.  His 11 year run at Verio began in the crucible of the dotcom era, allowing him to travel the spectrum from web startup ( to playing a crucial roll for the 31st largest company on earth (NTT Inc.).  His experience in transforming systems from startup to true enterprise class platforms has helped MMF scale from 2.5 to approaching 6 million users over the past year.


Michael White
Michael White has been focused on database development and administration since 1992 and is a co-author of the SQL Server 2008 Bible and the SQL Server 2005 Bible. He has concentrated on Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) tools and applications since 2000, and has architected and implemented several warehousing and Analysis Services applications, as well as non-traditional applications of BI tools. After many years in corporate IT and consulting, Mike currently works as a data architect for IntrinsiQ, LLC. He is a strong advocate for the underused BI toolset and Microsoft SQL Server in general.

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CEO and Co-Founder
Paul Sabini

As CEO Paul heads up business development for MHM and brings to the table over 15 years experience developing enterprise level web applications.

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